We’ve had 2 new interns as well as a great new client win who will take you on an African safari.

First of all, Alex Redfern and Luke Ashworth have started as interns in the Online Marketing and Development departments respectively this week. We wish them both a very warm welcome!

We won an exciting new project from an African company; ‘The Far Horizons’. They are based in Uganda and Rwanda and offer exciting tours of some of the most spectacular areas of the countries. We’ll be producing their new website and have already made a start to the project planning process.

Our brand new Eye Tracker arrived officially this week for use with clients. We hope to produce some really cool eye tracking case studies for you to see very soon. The eye tracking equipment and software will provide incredible access to user behaviour on a website, which is indispensible when it comes to usability testing.

Some interesting search news came about – it turns out that Yahoo are trialling Bing search in their sponsored results – rumours are that this may extend to organic search too. Yahoo Japan is already lined up to use Google as their search engine.

That wraps things up for this week. We have some exciting plans for Cyber-Duck promotion and some other projects in the pipeline to report in the coming weeks, so watch this space.