The lead up to the Bank Holiday weekend means a lot of finishing up and tying loose ends. It also means a celebratory office meal and off to Notting Hill on Sunday!

You may remember hearing about us winning a project working with The European Commission to produce their new site for ‘The EU and Me’. Well the site is almost ready to launch! We’re just completing the finishing touches and undertaking QA so it should be ready very soon. DuckPad is still on track with coding well under way after designs were finalised. We look forward to giving you a final view of it soon.

Industry News

It’s been decided – the H.264 video codec will continue to be royalty free. This means that browser makers are likely to start fully supporting the format and make HTML5 video the norm on both Desktop and Mobile. We heard about Kaspar for the first time, and love the idea. He is a robot built by students at the University of Hertfordshire and aims to teach autistic children social skills. We really want to go see it in action!