We’re sad to say that we have a member of staff leaving us this week; Siji who has come to the end of his placement. We’ll be sad to see him go and were going out for drinks tonight to see him off.

Meanwhile, Google has come up with its latest plan to make our lives that bit faster by launching instant search. If you are logged in you should be able to see the new version of the search tool which allows you to see live results as you are typing based on the best guess of what Google thinks you are typing. The general consensus in the office is a generally unenthusiastic ‘that’s cool’. It seems that we have begun to expect this kind of innovation from the world’s favourite search engine.

We tend to harp on about Apple a lot on our weekly but I think that’s because it’s hard not to take an active interest in what they are doing. Even something as simple as a relaxation in their app acceptance terms and conditions gets a ton of attention. They have made significant changes this week through which they are aiming to make the acceptance process much easier. We look forward to seeing if these changes do in fact make the process easier.

We always seem to have one viral or other going through the office, and this week was no exception. The Hunter and Bear YouTube viral for Tippex really caught our attention. The viral allows you to decide what the hunter should do to the bear by typing a verb into the space. Try it out for yourself. Our client is in the final stages of testing and launching a big new website, look out for more details next week.