The weather has been really miserable this week but there’s no time for any of that spirit to be carried into the office, where the atmosphere has been as sunny as ever.

We imagine the same couldn’t be said for the Facebook offices however, when the site went down for around a whole hour. According to their software engineering director it was “the worst outage we’ve had in over four years.” Still, it was back to its former glory in no time, and people still lived to tell the tale so it’s not all bad.

Also suffering technical difficulties in the world of social media this week was Twitter. Someone managed to exploit a ‘cross site scripting’ flaw. The exploit allowed a piece of code to be put into a tweet which re-tweeted itself when any user ‘moused over’ the tweet in their feed. This meant the exploit reproduced exponentially until the problem was solved by Twitter shortly afterwards. We’ve launched a new competition for, our freelance portal client. The competition gives new members the chance to win the latest iPod touch or an Apple TV as soon as possible. The site is still on track to launch at the end of next month.

We’ve got new plans to build an iPad application for our client ‘Optima Systems’ after they commissioned the new project this week. The application will be primarily for internal staff use, but as usual we’ll make sure we tell you more about it when we can. We’ll also be creating a new site for Optima’s operations in the Middle East, which you will be able to find at ‘’.