Yesterday, Cyber-Duck’s Khaled Weir and Karolina Pajewska attended the Autumn Graduate Fair, and were joined by the team from

The Autumn Graduate Fair provides university students and recent graduates with information on employers, careers, jobs and postgraduate study options, and is a great way to source the best new talent for Cyber-Duck’s team. During the event we conducted some user testing on the OfficeCavalry website using Silverback. We are trialling the tool to record user interaction and therefore provide feedback on positive elements of a flow, and parts which might be improved.

This week has again been a successful one for Cyber-Duck as we are pleased to announce that we have a new client in City Concierge. The corporate events company offer a number of bespoke executive services from private jet charters to luxury sports care hire. Cyber-Duck will be in charge of designing a new website as well as a virtual concierge service for Central London based offices.

Cyber-Duck are also pleased to announce that two of our clients, Optima Systems and OAG, have been nominated for the prestigious CMA (Construction Marketing Awards). Optima have been shortlisted in the category of ‘Best use of Technical Information’, whilst OAG have been nominated in the category of ‘Best Use of Website’. Optima’s inclusion is in recognition of the company’s initiative in developing their cost-effective, sustainable and efficient branded USB capsules, whilst OAG have been rewarded for their effective communication with their customers and prospects.

Industry News

One of the internets biggest file sharing sites, ‘Limewire’ has this week been shut down due to an injunction issued by the US district court in New York. A US judge ruled that the platform intentionally caused a "massive scale of infringement" by permitting the sharing of thousands of copyrighted works by its 50 million monthly users. This has come after a 4 year dispute between the privately owned Lime Group and the US Music Industry. But it’s not all doom and gloom for the popular file-sharing company, they have reacted positively to the news and plan to launch a new service which complies with copyright laws.

Rumours are circulating that Sony are looking to make their mark on the SmartPhone market with the launch of a much anticipated “PlayStation Phone”. The main features of the device is that it is likely to boast Android 3.0 (a more advanced version of Android destined for tablets and higher-powered phones) along with a custom Sony Marketplace, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, and the screen is in the range of 3.7 to 4.1 inches. Early signs look good for the proposed Smartphone, but it remains to be seen how big an impact it will have on the SmartPhone market.

Web Giants Google have been conducting a little research and have concluded that the UK internet economy is worth £100bn a year. The research found that the internet accounts for 7.2% of the UK's gross domestic product (GDP), and if it were an economic sector it would be the UK's fifth largest. China are now leading the way in technology innovation as they have trumped the US to take the number one spot for the worlds fastest supercomputer. Tianhe-1, meaning Milky Way, has a sustained computing speed of 2,507 trillion calculations per second, making it 1.4 times faster than the world's current fastest ranked supercomputer in the US.