Great news as Prince William and Kate Middleton announce their engagement, but there's bigger news in the world of Cyber-Duck.

Cyber-Duck are pleased to announce that our latest creation. has fully launched. The website is a great way for Project Owners to find freelancers via their ‘profile’ as opposed to traditional freelancing portals which allowed Freelancer’s to bid for the project’s.

The launch also bought about a great deal of publicity with it, as the London Evening Standard produced an article in which’s Andy Turner revealed which celebrity figures are inspiring Britons to ‘become their own boss’. The article was an instant success, with Lord Sugar and Peter Jones tweeting about the article.


Cyber-Duck were also featured on the C21 website after they were interviewed at the iPad Entertainment Summit in October. Danny Bluestone and Khaled Weir discussed the dawn of the tablet era and the challenges it presents for developers. During the interview the pair pay tribute to Cyber-Duck’s own DuckPad and talk through the challenges faced whilst the Cyber-Duck team developed their latest Web App.

Social Media

Facebook are set to challenge Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail by launching Facebook Messages. The product will merge texts, online chats, and e-mails into one central hub, with Facebook stating that traditional e-mail is too slow and cumbersome. The company will also offer an e-mail address to its more than 500 million users, with competitors fearing it could spell the end of e-mail. The decision appears to be a reaction to their rivalry with Google, amid a series of disputes.

Staying with social media, MySpace users can now log in to the social network via Facebook. The companies are calling the product ‘Mashup with Facebook’ it means that a ‘connect with Facebook’ button on the MySpace homepage and enables a wide range of personalisation and sharing features on MySpace.