With another week, comes another website launch. This time it was the EU and their new website.

Cyber-Duck developed "The EU - What's in it for me?" website, which was designed to be a web based alternative to the "What's In It For Me" brochure, and was aimed at keeping information more up-to-date and relevant. During the development, Cyber-Duck had the opportunity to implement our popular eye-tracking service, with a variety of participants taking part in several tasks testing the website.

Press Conference

Cyber-Duck attended the Press Conference for the launch. We tackled questions from journalists representing the BBC, New Media Age and Information World Review, all wanting to know about the website’s functionality and user experience. In the media, the website is creating quite a stir, being featured in national newspapers and the prominent Italian newspaper 'Corriere Della Sera'.

UEL Lecture

Cyber-Duck were present at the University of East London, as former graduate and Cyber-Duck Production and Marketing Director Matt Gibson conducted a lecture on User Centred Design applied in the real world. Matt gave UEL students an insight in to Cyber-Duck's User Centred Design process and demonstrated the benefits of getting users involved in the design process.

User Centred Design

A slide from Matt Gibson's User Centred Design lecture.