Cyber-Duck are pleased to announce that the Optima iPad app has launched this week. The native app is a user-friendly way for Optima to present its products to their customer base in a fast and efficient new way.

The app is currently only available to Optima’s sales force, but will hopefully be available to all users at some point in the future. Stay tuned to the Cyber-Duck blog to find out more.

In other Cyber-Duck news, we're saying goodbye to Alex Redfern. Alex has effectively worked on both online marketing and new business since the beginning of his 6 month internship at Cyber-Duck and will now return to working towards his Business Administration degree at the prestigious University of Bath. We wish him the best of luck for the future.

Industry News

Intel has appointed Black Eyed Peas front man as ‘director of creative innovation’. The Unique collaboration entails the development of new technologies, music and tech advocacy. The official press release reported that Intel and "share a strong interest in innovation around music, art and lifestyle" and will build upon Intel's "compute continuum" vision, in which more and more devices will compute and connect to the Internet.

British engineers announced they are planning to launch a mobile phone in to space. A team from Surrey Satellite Technology Limited in Guildford, want to test the capability and resilience of today's consumer electronics in one of the most challenging environments known. The phone will run using Google’s Android operating system, however we have to see which model will be blasted in to space.

Whilst on the subject of blasting things into space, a group of friends based in the German town of Wolfsburg have launched 200 paper airplanes to the edge of space inside a helium filled weather balloon. Each paper plane has a memory card containing a unique image, and the instigators of this feat want to hear from whoever finds one of these paper planes. So far the planes have travelled as far as California, Canada and South Africa.

Career driven social network, LinkedIn has bought CardMunch, a company that scans your business cards and converts them in to your phone contacts. As a result CardMunch will now be free, having previously charged users for the service. The acquisition is seen as great way for users to boost their social graph.

Popular micro blogging phenomenon, Twitter, can expect 2011 to be their best yet according to a report from research firm eMarketer. Twitter anticipates earning £95 million in 2011 which is three times more than the £28 million they earned in 2010. The growth of twitter will be down to promoted tweets and trends products, which allow advertisers to pay for prominent placement on the service.

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