In a week where we’ve welcomed two new members of the development team, several other big events occurred in the industry.

Cyber-Duck were joined by companies such as TeachFirst and the British Computer Society in being asked to present at the Middlesex University IT Forum 2011. This gave Cyber-Duck an opportunity to raise awareness of the Cyber-Duck brand among university students, and inform them of the possibilities open to them in web design and digital development.

Danny attended the Westminster eForum Keynote 'Skills for the UK Digital Economy - delivering the IT professionals of the future'. The talk focused on the fact that Britain is a world leader in content creation and that Britain is currently lacking major skills required for IT, animation and digital agencies.

Danny's had his own opinion stating: "It is imperative that UK courses and degrees offer practical skills such as computer science and design so that graduates have strong portfolios with at least 1-2 strong projects before entering the industry. It is important for graduates to take internships and apprenticeship schemes and for universities to encourage these things."

Awards and PR

Cyber-Duck have been shortlisted for the TrainE-TraidE Jewish Business Awards 2011 in the category of Business of the Year Award. The nomination is in recognition of our involvement with a variety of Jewish charities, as well as the companies’ overall successful operations and work ethos. Winners of the award are set to be announced at the business lunch awards ceremony in early March.

Cyber-Duck’s Danny Bluestone and Harry Clark co-wrote an article for the BIMA blog on Social Commerce. The article talks about why social media continues to grow, how eCommerce companies are integrating social media in to their web platform, and what we can expect from social commerce in the future.

Industry News

AOL announced they are buying the Huffington Post for £195 million. The news puts Arianna Huffington in charge of AOL's growing content network, which enhances AOL’s credentials as a new media comeback. The company now has ownership of all Huffington Post content, adding to its already extensive portfolio which includes Engadget, TechCrunch, Moviefone, MapQuest, AutoBlog and Patch.

Google celebrated the 183rd birthday of pioneering science fiction author Jules Vern as well as the 164th birthday of American Inventor Thomas Edison. Vern’s birthday was celebrated with an interactive doodle featuring an ocean scene viewed through the portholes of a submarine, whilst Edison’s was distinguished by showcasing some of his most famous inventions on the Google homepage.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop emailed a memo to all employees of the company urging them to change their behaviour, as the company is "standing on a burning platform". The memo suggests crisis for the phone giant who seem concerned about competitors such as Google and its Android operating system and Apple with iOS, grabbing their market share. Nokia are set to announce a partnership with Microsoft possibly revolving around Windows Phone 7.

According to a report published on Thursday, Google and Facebook have both held talks with Twitter about the possibility of purchasing the popular micro-blogging website, with Twitter being valued at around $10 billion. Twitter now has more than 175m registered users worldwide, who send around 95m tweets a day.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 web browser has come out of its beta phase, and into its first release candidate. Microsoft have been reported as saying that the latest version of their web browser puts it ahead of competitors like Google and Firefox, stating that privacy and speed are the two features that set IE9 apart. Tests so far at Cyber-Duck HQ have shown that it still has bugs to iron out.

Twitpic, a photo sharing website for Twitter users, has announced that they are launching video support this week, allowing Twitter users to share their clips. Currently, a thumbnail picture of the video will be shown on Twitter pages, but Twitpic hope to get the video itself integrated soon.

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