In a week of beautiful weather in London, indoors we’ve had another exciting week of technology to share with you.

We couldn’t write this week without mentioning the football, well done England you finally pulled it out of the bag. All they need to do now is to beat Germany, Argentina and Brazil.

If you’re interested in design, you will want to read the article Danny wrote for the BIMA blog this week on ‘Design by Community’. The article is centred around the idea of basing a design on the exact things that the user wants to see. We think we’re going to see a lot more of this in action in the coming months and years, leading on from the user feedback trend using tools like uservoice.

Apple really are having an exciting time aren’t they? Khal was at the local o2 shop at 6am on launch day for his upgrade! 4 hours later he came back to the office with a grin on his face and an iPhone 4 in his hand, and was promptly pounced on by the rest of the Cyber-Duck staff; all hoping to get a glimpse. He seems pretty satisfied with it, and we’re all really impressed with the increased resolution, speed and gyroscope.

To celebrate this launch at Cyber-Duck we’re planning to launch a cool new app in the next few weeks. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the details.

Another exciting piece of news from the office is that we’ve been trialling an eye-tracking device which will soon be a permanent fixture for in-house use. The device will allow us to test designs and wireframes for levels of usability by asking users to perform tasks and seeing how their eyes interact with the page when attempting them. The resulting analytical data from the eye and mouse activity will allow us to perform detailed analysis of websites during the usability stage so that we can make the user experience as well optimised as possible in the final version.

As for what to look out for next week, we are going to be at the ‘New Designers’ event at the Business Design Centre in London. The event is designed to allow new graduates to exhibit their work to high-end employers and the media. Keep your eye out for some more information this week on the blog, we’ll see you then.