There’s only one place to start this week and that is to congratulate Matt and Steph after they tied the knot yesterday.

The office has been a little quieter than usual this week and that is because Cyber-Duck’s Production Director Matt Gibson married his long term girlfriend Stephanie Littlechild in Sorrento, Italy. The day was a great success, and the weather was a lot better than what we’ve been having in England. A few of the ducks made the trip to Sorrento to join Matt and Steph on their special day, and we will have lots of photos to share with you next week.

Industry News

An investigation has been launched to see whether Google search is unfairly driving traffic to other websites. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is preparing to serve a writ to Google in a broad antitrust campaign against the search engine giants. So far, Google and the FTC have declined to comment on the matter.

This week we came across one of the most innovative ways of notifying a user when their name is mentioned on twitter. One user managed to wire an LED “mood light” which would work its way through various colours before flashing red to notify the user they had been mentioned on twitter. The user then has to manually reset the device to begin the process all over again. 

Microsoft has announced that their new Windows 8 touch-friendly immersive style would use a developer platform not based on .NET, and instead, they have announced that they will use HTML5 and JavaScript. This has raised concerns with many windows developers who are unsure of how they can use their existing skills and expertise when developing these new applications.

On a final note, the world of Facebook is continuing to grow, and this week a source close to the social networking giant announced that their active user base has exceeded the 750 million mark.

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