Some of the Ducks were attendees of the New Designers 2011 show in Islington this week, after Cyber-Duck sponsored the event.

Whilst they were there, members of the team including Danny awarded an associate prize to Rory Colsell from the University of Dundee who created a new business platform on our blog article about the event.

Sony has begun a ‘crackdown’ on the second hand games market by allocating some games with one use only codes to unlock online features. The passes will be allocated to certain fames only on a game-by-game basis, but some have criticized the move, saying it is contravening consumer rights.

Some of the team managed to get Google Plus accounts this week in the tiny windows the sign up process was open, so they duly invited everyone else in the office to ensure we are all up to date!

The UK police database has been called ‘hugely intrusive’ after the results of an investigation into breaches of the Data Protection Act were published. The report shows that over 900 officers and staff have breached the act over the last three years.

The huge news this week of course was the collapse of the News of the World. Twitter is said to have had a huge impact on the decision to shut the newspaper down, with staff from the paper being faced with abuse from angry members of the public and celebrities.

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