Cyber-Duck pick up Interactive Media Award

By Harry Clark, Posted 6 years ago


We have some great news to kick off this week’s blog, as we’ve just discovered we are the recipient of another Interactive Media Award.

The “The EU: What’s in it for me?” website won an ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award in the Governmental category, and adds to the Horizon Interactive Award and Communicator Award won earlier in the year for the project. Cyber-Duck will have more to follow on this story next week.

Several new client wins were secured, including Search Engine Optimisation for international Voip softswitch platform developer VoipSwitch and provision of online marketing services for International Film and TV production directory The Knowledge and provider of pension funds data, Pension Funds Online. Both companies are part of the Wilmington Publishing Group.

We are also eager to announce that we will be holding a launch party when we move in to our new offices, located in Elstree. The ducks are scheduled to move in mid-august, and we want to celebrate the event by throwing a party for all the staff, clients and friends of Cyber-Duck. In addition, the event will feature an award ceremony for all the projects from New Designers 2011 that we have not yet had a chance to reward for their outstanding work. The event is going to feature lots of food and drink, as well as some live music to celebrate the new pond in Elstree.

Members of the Cyber-Duck gang were hanging out with Paul Irish on Google+ using the hangouts feature. Paul Irish is a member of Google Chrome’s Developer Relations team and a lead developer of modernizr, CSS3 and HTML5 Boilerplate. Paul was talking to a variety of developers (including the ducks) about the status of the technology industry in Japan and some upcoming JavaScript meet-ups in San Francisco.

Congratulations are in order for both Matt and Gareth as they successfully took part in a weekend course to become certified ScrumMasters. Matt and Gareth attended two days’ worth of lectures and tutorials before both taking and passing an online exam. Matt and Gareth now join Sylvain and Lee as our certified ScrumMasters, and more ducks will be taking the course in the coming months.

Industry News

The lead programmer of a popular Firefox extension, called Firebug, has announced that he has taken a job with rivals Google chrome. Firebug is a powerful web development tool, which is seen to be fundamental in keeping many web developers faithful to Mozilla Firefox. However, this seems yet another blow to Firefox as their usage numbers continue to fall. This of course comes to the delight of Chrome who appear to be capitalising.

Sticking with the war between Chrome and Firefox, as both web browsers are set to launch browser only interfaces. These are stripped down interfaces, which only display websites and web applications. Chrome are leading the race with systems based on Chrome OS already released, but Mozilla have published a prototype of their Webian Shell as they work on their own vision of an operating interface centred around the browser.

The UK Government has granted staff access to share restricted documents in the cloud following a deal between Foreign and Commonwealth Office and SaaS provider Huddle. This SaaS platform will now allow civil servants, diplomats and other Government staff to share restricted documents online.

Hacking group Anonymous have claimed via their website that they have obtained 1GB of data from NATO. The hacking group stated on their twitter that they were in possession of a lot of data of which it would be “irresponsible” to publish. However, they have published two documents on their twitter feed.

Linus Torvalds has used his Google+ account to announce the launch of the new Linux kernel 3.0. The Linux Developers have taken just 2 months to roll out their latest kernel, with new updates including the addition of a storage backend for Xen, which means that the kernel now contains all the major components required to run as Dom0.

Last of all we are pleased to welcome back Siji to the team. Siji joined us last year for an internship and has now finished his studies and re-joined us to work in the New Business department. Great to have you back serjay!

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