Members of the Cyber-Duck team were in attendance at the Online Marketing Networkers event in London this week.

The event was a great chance for some of the ducks to listen to some other online PR and social media experts  including  Heather Taylor from the BBC. The event took place upon HMS president, a permanently moored ship along the Victoria Embankment.

Industry News

Faltering search engine Yahoo have announced they are set to stop serving their own search engine results, instead users who use the yahoo search engine will receive the search results of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Yahoo will continue to manage paid search results, but this is another blow for Yahoo who have constantly struggled to compete against search engine powerhouses Google and Microsoft.

This week has also seen the launch of Humble Indie Bundle #3, which is a collaboration of independent video games (playable on a PC or Mac). When purchasing the games, the user is able to name the price they want to pay, and on top of that the user can choose how the money is distributed between organisers, developers and charities.

One of the charities you can donate to is the Electronic Frontier Foundation which campaigns for net neutrality and other digital rights issues. They also back up those without the resources to fight when they are targeted by large corporations in the courts.

The whole of London could soon be covered by free a free public WiFi Network, as Virgin Media look to challenge BT’s Openzone network. The internet could be available to anyone at 0.5Mbps and subscribers to virgin broadband would be exposed to a massive 10Mbps. Virgin feel they can make this work by installing WiFi routers in all of their street side cabinets.

It has been reported that Stanford University in California, will be offering their ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ course for free, and users will be able to access it online. Online students will have to do all the same work as Stanford students which will include 10 hours study period, graded homework assignments and midterm and final exams. When asked how deal with the queries on ten thousand students, Professor Thrun replied by saying they will use a tool called Google Moderator, which will allow them to answer the most pressing questions.

Finally, the Department of Health is said to be afraid that Fujitsu, CSC and BT would all team up in a multibillion pound legal fight against them, should they decide to scrap their national NHS IT program. It would seem all companies are not willing to simply walk away from the work. The system was designed as a way to for all NHS patients to access their medical records online, however the program was commissioned in 2002 and still the project has not been completed.

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