We have lots going on this week. Four launches, some free tickets and a new member of staff amongst it all!

First of all, we’ve launched 2 top class websites this week; Permits2Work and Knight Precision Wire. As ever, the team involved has put every effort in to make these some of the best looking, most functional sites you will find on the Internet today!

Danny and Khal have been out working on a very interesting usability testing and eye-tracking project for a client at a lab in London.

The new Wisteria Formations YouTube channel has launched with 10 episodes on how to form a limited company in the UK. They’re in a brilliant stop motion illustrated format – definitely worth a look! We have also launched a brand new blog ‘Office Partitioning Expert’ sponsored by Optima Systems, which will provide expert news and information on the Office Partitioning industry.

A cool tool we found this week is LaunchList. The idea of it is to provide a simple checklist for launching a new website – a really neat, simple and original solution to a problem.