The Duckies Awards are less than 24 hours away and preparation is continuing as we prepare to welcome some of the UK’s brightest design graduates.

A whole variety of graduates and their award winning projects are making their way down to our new offices to showcase the projects which have earnt them a prestigious Duckies Award. Projects on show include Tweeting Seat, Kinect Robot, Fear on the Internet and Acoustic Poetry as well as apps which include ‘Colour Chameleon’, ‘Culturebook’ and ‘Will you help us?’.

If you want to find out more about these projects then come on down to the Cyber-Duck offices in Elstree from 5PM this Saturday 10th September and celebrate the Duckies Awards with us.

We have also been ‘pimping our office’ this week as we ordered in a new fridge, a new dishwasher and a massive 55 inch 3D TV and 40 inch HD TV for our two new meeting rooms in our brand new offices in Elstree. We have also continued to kit our new offices with our very own branding which can be found throughout the offices. All week we had the painters in, painting the walls the famous Cyber-Duck Blue and Orange colours, and then we had the logos and services printed on to the walls using vinyl printing. 

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