The Cyber-Duck Duckies Awards was hosted for the first time last weekend and it was a resounding success, with many in attendance.

Clients, staff, graduates and UX design enthusiasts were in attendance at the awards ceremony as we packed out our new dedicated Elstree offices. There was a wide variety of graduate projects on display as well as tricks from world class magician Nick Einhorn and live music from DJ Steve Taylor. The Cyber-Duck team were also offering free eye-tracking demonstrations using our very own in-house Tobii eye-tracker.

Overall the Ducks have been thrilled with the outcome of the event, and we were also recognised with an article in the Borehamwood and Elstree Times for efforts and dedication to nurturing the best design graduates from across the UK.


The Cyber-Duck team were also out and about networking this week as we attended three separate eventsOn Monday, Danny was invited by the University of Portsmouth to attend the Business School’s MBA presentation. Danny has been mentoring a group of students from Saudi Arabia and India for the last 3 months on their market research initiative project for an exciting UK SaaS (Software as a service). Danny ranked their presentation and appendixes and congratulated the MBA team for their hard work.

Danny, Siji, Neil and Ya Sheng were also in attendance at the Middlesex University’s final show of MA Design for Interactive Media. The Dim Sum event features a wide variety of graduates' projects with most making use of iPods, iPads, Arduino and in particular the Xbox Kinect in order to explore the visual, acoustic, and haptic interplay between people and machines.This was an especially important to Danny Bluestone and Ya Sheng Chang as they are both alumni of the Design for Interactive Media (DIM) degree which is now moving from Cat Hill campus to the Hendon campus of Middlesex University. The course name which is a worldwide leader in teaching interaction design, information architecture, digital design and creative technologies will also change its name MA Creative Technology.

John and Karolina boarded “The London Rose” as they attended Annual London Web Boat Cruise. The event was attended by over 130 leading web companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs, and it also gave John and Karolina some time to see the sights of London from in top of the River Thames.


VMware have this week launched a new version of its popular visualisation software for the Mac. The Fusion 4 software boasts over a 100 new features which include a “Mac Like” experience, providing the best windows experience on the OS X Lion and better performance and faster graphics enabling the Mac to deliver 3D graphics 2.5 times faster than previous versions of the software.

Political figures from all three of the UK’s major parties have reportedly all signed up to the new social media website Google+. Prime Minister David Cameron, along with Labour leader Ed Milliband and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg have all created profiles on the website. David Cameron said he joined Google+ as he is an advocate of anything that makes politics “more open and accessible”.

There was an interesting article on the BBC website this week which explored whether Facebook is starting to lose its identity. The article comes after some recently released features from the social networking platform, which appear to replicate features from two of their biggest rivals in Google+ and Twitter. The article suggests that Facebook are no longer the innovators of the social media industry and they are feeling the pressure of their competitors and the negative publicity regarding privacy.

Microsoft engineers have announced this week that their new web browser for Windows 8 will not support plug-ins. Users will still be able to access traditional web browsers for websites that rely on plug ins, but this means the new interface will not support Adobe Flash, as Microsoft look to phase out the use of Flash video and replace it with HTML5. Google, Apple, Mozilla, and Opera are also backing the use of HTML5 which may well see the end of flash.

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