A real progressive week including investigation into practical business applications of some technologies and setting out our goals for the next year.

Due to his relentless levels of dedication, Matt won the Cyber-Duck World Cup fantasy football league. The rest of us felt the hour long victory dance around the office was a tad excessive though.

Some of the team dedicated their entire Saturday to research and development on location based applications, Gowalla and Foursquare. What troopers! Apparently they lost their notes in 'The Worlds End’ pub though. Clément has been looking at various augmented reality techniques, producing ‘magical’ teapots and globes on his screen at any given moment. We’re not sure how this is going to help anyone yet but it certainly is cool to watch.

The company vision poster now has pride of place in the office. Everyone at Cyber-Duck has signed the poster to signify that we all share the company vision and are united together to ensure that we reach our goal of becoming ‘The Leading Independent Digital Agency in 2011’.

Remember that exciting new project from a few weeks ago? Well let’s just say it’s almost ready to be submitted to Apple for approval! As ever, we’ll keep you updated! Our latest Communicator Award arrived to top up our collection for 2010. The award was presented to us for the BoonSpace project.

The guys at Knight Group loved their new site Knight Precision Wire, so much that they have commissioned us for a second site in their group, ‘Omega Wire’. The team have started work on the design this week, so look out for it soon. Finally, you should look out for the OfficeCavalry.com pre-registration site, which is due to be launched any moment! Thanks for reading – there should be a lot more to talk about next week as usual…