The Periscopix website gets a fresh and fun update, courtesy of the Cyber Duck team.

In December 2007, Cyber Duck caused a viral stir when they launched a new website for pay per click marketing firm, Periscopix. Alive with fun and flamboyant flash animations inspired by Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Rube Goldberg, the Periscopix website quickly turned heads, helping to greatly increase the company’s client-base. A little over a year later, it was time for a bit of spring cleaning.

The Challenge

Whilst the team at Periscopix were delighted with the website launched back in 2007, it was felt that the background was a little dark and the feel of the site could be improved with a lighter, brighter look-and-feel.

Periscopix required a CMS to be able to add and update content with ease. Periscopix also wanted to incorporate a Word Press blog into the website, making it easy to get vital company news out to clients quickly.

The Solution

Cyber Duck lightened up the feel of the website as a whole. The ‘book’ itself is now a cheerful shade of cream, more in keeping with aged paper. The headings now appear in eye-catching crimson whilst the text remains black and is easily read off the new page colour. The tawdry 70s wallpaper has been steamed off the background for good. Its replacement, a Python-esque sky is spiked with rays of sunlight, breathing life into the website without interfering with the central animations.

The navigation has changed slightly to support a more information-rich website. Whilst more category tabs have been added at the top of the ‘book’, drop-down menus have also been incorporated, allowing more content to be featured on the site and giving the ‘book’ a more uncluttered feel- links along the top of each page have been rendered unnecessary thanks to the new drop-down feature. Finally, Cyber Duck created a custom theme for the Word Press blog, fully integrating it into the website design.

The Outcome

The new Periscopix website is still as quirky as ever, but the design changes have really helped to brighten things up and the updates to the navigation mean Periscopix can communicate a lot more about their business to their target audience online.