Cyber-Duck has given Visa experts, UK Visa Appeal a great new website to show off their proven visa appeal services and fantastic track record.

The Challenge

UK Visa Appeal provides vital legal services for those who have been refused a UK visa for any one of hundreds of reasons. The UK Visa Appeal team needed a clean, uncluttered website that broke down the often complicated details of the appeal process into manageable and relevant chunks.

Users needed to be able to find the information that was pertinent to them quickly and easily. The overall feel of the site had to give users confidence in UK Visa Appeal’s service- the site had to put users at ease and really convey UK Visa Appeal’s expert knowledge and proven ability in overturning appeal decisions.

The Solution

Cyber Duck put together a user-friendly design, incorporating a clean and simple left-hand navigation. Types of appeal and appeal services are broken down into categories to make it as easy as possible for users to find the information they require as quickly as possible, without having to sift through reams of complicated text. Bright and encouraging images are uploaded at random into the flash banner on each page to illustrate the difference UK Visa Appeal can make to lives- bringing people together to start a new life in the UK, full of opportunities.

Cyber Duck created a clear brand identity with the striking, but not overpowering, company logo and accompanying purple branding which ties in with the purple logo used by UK Visa Appeal’s mother company, PERMITS2WORK.

The Outcome

UK Visa Appeal now has a site that really showcases the company’s expertise in overturning negative appeal verdicts and the incredible difference this has made to the lives of hundreds of people.

The overall look is clean and professional but also friendly. Cyber Duck specifically created a design that was not overly corporate to help users feel relaxed and at ease whilst using the site. The overall branding communicates to users that UK Visa Appeal is a name you can trust.

Visit UK Visa Appeal for further details on UK Visa Appeal and their appeal services.