Our popular user experience (UX) glossary app is ready to download for Android devices! Originally developed and launched for iOS over the summer, the app has become a key resource for the digital community. UX Companion has earned features in a number of publications and caused a stir on social media. Following numerous requests, we couldn't wait to make the app available for even more people.

We were inspired to design and build UX Companion to untangle the confusing web of terms at the heart of the vibrant user experience (UX) community. It was developed as a free resource for the digital community, as part of our investment in creative R&D projects. Aiming to ‘test the waters’ for our bright idea, we developed and launched for iOS first in the summer of 2014. Nearly 13,000 downloads and a digital storm of recommendations later, we’re happy to share an all-new version for all modern Android devices. Download now on Google Play, or head over to the Apple Store for iOS.

UX Companion has been featured as a top resource from Product Hunt to Usability Geek. It even inspired Danny’s latest article for Smashing Magazine, where he covered why and how to make creative R&D projects work in digital agencies.

The app provides clear, easy-to-grasp introductions to core user-centred design concepts and techniques, inspired by the jargon we come across each day; hand-picked external resources are linked, for those who wish to learn more. It offers a simple reference tool for those involved in UX-focused projects. We worked hard to ensure the tool could satisfy a wide range of professionals, from designers to marketing professionals aiming to increase understanding of their digital agencies’ technical processes. 

We hope Android users enjoy the app! Information about our mobile app development services is available here, or please get in touch for more.