Cyber-Duck are pleased to announce the launch of a magnificent new website for Vinifera Boutique, the online wine boutique based in London.

Vinifera Boutique are dedicated to importing exclusive wines into the U.K from speciality French vineyards. U.K wine lovers will now be able to access new small batch wines that have not previously been available to them without travelling to France. 

The Challenge

Vinifera wanted Cyber-Duck to come up with a high quality and easy to use website to exhibit their constantly evolving range of wines to everyone from wine aficionados to dinner party hosts. It had to feature an e-commerce shopping cart, live countdown for wine of the week and give users useful articles and advice.

The Solution

Cyber-Duck designed a traditional looking site featuring luxurious hand drawn graphics and a simple navigation system. As far as functionality is concerned, the site was made with integrated shopping cart software to allow Vinifera to edit and add new products. It also features a WordPress blog with a WYSIWYG interface which can easily be edited. The website also has a function for people to sign up and receive exclusive offers and alerts by SMS.

Vinifera are starting out with a fantastic website on which to showcase their eagerly anticipated range of French wines. The next step is to implement the online marketing plan for the site. This will ensure that people can find the site easily in Google searches and from other sources such as Pay per Click advertising and affiliate networks.