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Now available to watch fully on-demand, our webinar, Designing for Non Visible and Cognitive Disabilities.

Hosted by our Chief Commercial Officer, Matt Gibson, this webinar brought together experts in UX, design and accessibility to discuss how organisations can embed inclusive principles and design practices into their services, products and operations – with a focus on non and less-visible disabilities.  

Webinar synopsis

While there have been major strides in making digital products and services accessible for Disabled people, it’s frequently treated as an afterthought. Businesses overlook basic details and fall into easily avoidable accessibility traps. This is particularly true for non and less-visible disabilities that include: cognitive and learning disabilities, chronic ailments, hearing and visual impairments, and mobility issues. Despite non visible disabilities making up to 80% of all disabilities.

The panel for this upcoming roundtable will explore the principles for designing for non-visible disabilities. We will explore how businesses can build accessibility into their company culture and look at specific solutions to making digital products and experiences accessible and inclusive for all users.

Join us for this free webinar on Wednesday, May 24th 4PM BST.

British Sign Language will be provided during this webinar.

What you will learn

During this webinar, you will learn about 

  • Challenging stereotypes: Tackling common misconceptions of disability and highlighting the spectrum of accessibility solutions.

  • Accessibility in user-centred design: Including accessibility from the outset and throughout the discovery process, user research, and UX design.

  • Accessibility in service design: Applying accessibility to all aspects of a service, including physical spaces and customer service.

  • Complying with legal requirements: Understanding key digital inclusion regulations and guidelines for non-visible disabilities (such as WCAG).

  • Fostering a culture of inclusion: Improving internal knowledge and practices and driving a company-wide commitment to digital inclusion.

As well as welcoming questions from you, our audience.