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During the ‘new normal’, teams must deliver effective Service Design and UX with staff working from home, spread across the world. 

Plenty of teams are focusing on creating strategic initiatives together – which can be tricky to run remotely.

Featuring experts from Cyber-Duck and world-leading collaborative tools including ClickUp and Dovetail, this webinar explored how you can ideate creatively together, in the new remote-first climate.

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Key Insights

  1. Intro to remote design sprints – explaining how remote design sprints are used to create new products not only at the beginning of, but during, projects 
  2. Prepare for remote workshops – preparing your goals, tech setup, roles, activities and principles for collaboration. 
  3. Choose the tools for the project – ensuring your team can collaborate effectively in timeboxed activities that were once performed in person 
  4. Conduct data analysis – storing insights and collaborating on pattern discovery across remote research programmes. 
  5. Manage teams remotely – using platforms that allow you to manage people and projects effectively, staying track on timelines and tasks.