Pint of Science was founded in 2012, aiming to present scientific research in a fun and interesting way. Where better than the pub? This year, we’re sponsors and will run our own tech-themed event to kick-off the festival.

Since we first heard about Pint of Science, we’ve been fervent supporters. Cyber-Duck is always in favour of bridging the gap between complex topics and the masses, as shown by our work with student coders and projects with clients like Cancer Research Techology.

It’s in this spirit that we jumped at the opportunity to show our support for Pint in a more tangible way at their 2015 festival: sponsoring and curating an evening for the “Tech Me Out” track. As our friends at Pint like to say, we “saved their website from the abyss”, which is appropriate as our event will explore the relationship between science and tech.

Our designer Cristina Viganò will speak about persuasive technology, urging us to consider how websites, applications, and games hijack our decision-making processes on a daily basis. Additionally, Rackspace VP of Technology Nigel Beighton will discuss the impact of the cloud on our futures.

See further details of our own Pint of Science kickoff event at The Driver in King’s Cross here. It’s sold out, but you can still get in on the action on Periscope (cyberduckagency) or Twitter (@cyberduck_uk) from 6:30pm tonight.