We’re excited to announce that Cyber-Duck has been chosen to lead a fascinating project with the Bank of England. We will create a website to promote the UK's first polymer banknote. The bank’s promotional campaign will centre on the resource. 

The Bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom, promoting the good of the people by maintaining monetary and financial stability. The £5 that features Sir Winston Churchill is the UK's first polymer banknote, and will enter circulation in September 2016.

Cyber-Duck was selected to create the website for the new polymer banknote! The website is the anchor for the Bank's omni-channel educational campaign, beginning this June. They aim to create trust and confidence in the new banknote before release.

‘The New Fiver’ Website

Critically, the new website needs features that are user-friendly and simple yet can generate excitement from users and make them want to share the £5. The new website will be crafted with Cyber-Duck’s accredited user-centred design process. The design will dive into three key benefits of polymer, compared against paper: 

  • Cleaner – staying clean longer, resisting dirt and moisture
  • Safer – enhanced security features
  • Stronger – 2.5x higher durability

Commissioned by the Bank of England

During the pitching process, our team recommended innovative ways to increase users' familiarity with the £5. This included creative applications of animation, video and more. 

“We’re using digital to widen trust in a physical currency that will look and feel quite novel to the public," said the Bank's Head of Digital. "We selected Cyber-Duck as they were able to cross the divide between digital and physical, suggesting ideas to really bring the banknote to life online.” 

The Cyber-Duck team is excited to work on this fascinating project! Please get in touch to find out what our creative, interdisciplinary experts could bring to your digital projects. 

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