Cyber Duck is proud to announce the birth of Wisteria Formations, a brand new website that allows users to create a Limited company in 10 easy steps!

Wisteria Formations is an extremely intuitive and user friendly company formations service that Cyber Duck has developed for our existing client Wisteria Ltd; a highly prestigious and dynamic practise of chartered accountants, business plan experts and tax advisors with over 300 clients on their books.

Wisteria aims to help users to set up a new business seamlessly. Featuring an animated talking giraffe that acts as your personal business setup advisor, Wisteria Formations walks users through the process of setting up a Limited company in 10 easy steps.

For a mere £24.99 the online service is available exclusively from and includes setting up a limited company, creating electronic memorandum of articles of association, certificate of incorporation, a company register, setup of a bank account, when required, and even a free consultation with one of Wisteria’s professional tax advisors or chartered accountants, depending on the needs of your new business.

The Challenge

Wisteria, a loyal client of Cyber-Duck had come up with a fantastic new idea that would not only cut through the piles of red tape that surround company incorporation, it would also provide a cost-effective service to get business moving again during the current economic climate.

The project brief was challenging and would require Cyber-Duck to create an interface that users would respond to and feel comfortable with whilst also creating a backend database that would link smoothly to existing external systems required when registering a company.

The Solution

Cyber-Duck developed a user-friendly and intuitive interface based around a cartoon guide to put users at ease and talk them through every step of what would usually be a very daunting process. Cyber-Duck utilised cutting edge 3D design technology to transform human facial expressions into an anthropomorphic giraffe character. Automatically connecting to the Companies House database, Cyber-Duck built a system for Wisteria Formations that checks in real time that the company name is available before asking the user to complete all remaining information.

The Result

The new Wisteria Formations website has got off to a flying start. The simple, step by step process makes it easy for users to get their business aspirations off the ground quickly and easily whilst Wisteria’s free consultancy session for users has given them peace of mind and help them to mould their business ideas.

Andrew Millet, Senior Partner of Wisteria and business plan expert commented, “We have a long standing relationship with Cyber-Duck, and have always been impressed by their unparalleled responsiveness and their ability to transform extremely creative ideas into practical applications that achieve real business results. Cyber-Duck was the natural selection for us in creating Wisteria Formations, and transforming the potentially time consuming, confusing and costly experience of setting up a new company into a user-friendly, simple and even fun process.”

Danny Bluestone, Managing Director of Cyber-Duck digital creative agency added, “Simplicity is central to Wisteria Formations. Although complex design and development work went into creating the usability framework, from the user’s perspective it’s a seamless experience that takes the complexity out of setting up a new company”. He further added “working with a forward thinking and dynamic company like Wisteria on this project has been a pleasure; enabling us to combine the efficiencies of the web with fresh creativity to drastically simplify the process of setting up a new company.”