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Duncan Worrell

Technical Lead

Technical Expertise

Duncan Headshot 2020 v2

Duncan is responsible for guiding Cyber-Duck customers towards compelling solutions. He leads our developers so that, as a team, we can craft quality deliverables from an agreed technical vision. Part analyst, part leader, part developer, Duncan is involved with projects from start to finish. 

Duncan joined Cyber-Duck in late 2019 to do and learn more. He has a wide range of experience in many industries for different types of client, from a huge government project for the MoD to a small FSA regulated FinTech start-up. He has run his own successful business in the extreme sports industry for 15 years. His passion is creating solutions that put a smile on the face of his clients and their clients.



The Princess Bride


The Many Coloured Land


Prog Rock

TV Show

Grand Designs


Diet Coke


Volleyball and Snowboarding


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