Ramon Lapenta

Senior Software Developer at Cyber-Duck Ltd

Ramon is an accomplished developer, using a wide range of front-end technologies to create beautiful responsive websites across devices.

Ramon Lapenta

Technical experience

Our Senior Front End Developer, Ramon travelled from the sunny shores of Venezuela to pursue his technical career at Cyber-Duck. He has been a key figure in our development team for over four years. Ramon’s intensive skills and expertise transform our creative team’s designs and interfaces into complex, striking websites, recognised by prestigious digital awards.

He specialises in a range of the latest front-end development technologies: including HTML5, CSS3 (& CSS Pre-processors), Sass, Javascript and jQuery. He blends this with a diverse background, with knowledge extending across design, UX, SEO, and also CMS implementation, including Wordpress, Silverstripe, Statamic, Drupal and Django among many others.

Ramon is passionate about keeping up-to-date with trends, ideas and technologies in the development world. He recently shared how the details of our progressive enhancement workflow: building core experiences for all, while offering enhancement for users on the latest devices. 

Ramon's work has been recognised by a variety of CSS galleries across the world.

From digital shoreditch to SXSWi

Ramon is committed to sharing his extensive knowledge of responsive design and CSS techniques with the web community. Recently, he’s led sessions at Front-End London and Digital Shoreditch; exploring how to improve design and development collaboration, bringing coding earlier into the production cycle.

In 2014, Ramon flew all the way to Austin, Texas to join the prestigious SXSW Interactive Festival. Voted by the community, his talk revealed the truth behind the myths surrounding CSS pre-processors; providing tips and techniques for all developers to get started, and secure benefits for their projects.

Ramon is also the author of Hoisin: the simple front-end framework that underpins our best responsive projects. Written in Sass, Hoisin is a great alternative to complex, bloated frameworks, by focusing on organisation, speed and flexibility. The framework is open source, available on GitHub for everyone to use.

In his free time, he also likes to explore the city with his camera to improve his photography skills.


Ramon is always looking for new music, whether it’s undiscovered old artists or new bands from around the world. He also loves to travel, and to eat good food from many different cultures.

  • Years of service - 6
  • Hometown - Valencia, Venezuela
  • Operating System - Mac
  • Phone - iPhone 6
  • Favourite movie - Gattaca
  • Favourite music - Prog Rock
  • Favourite food - Italian
  • Favourite TV Show - The Simpsons
One of Ramon's latest photographs on his travels to Frankfurt Am Main, Germany: a long exposure of the skyline, across the river.

i One of Ramon's latest photographs on his travels to Frankfurt Am Main, Germany: a long exposure of the skyline, across the river.

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