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RSVP is one of the UK’s most successful contact centres, which services leading brands including Mercedes-Benz, Virgin and Argos. Cyber-Duck was selected to transform their digital presence, with a refreshed branding and responsive website that conveyed RSVP's innovative business model.

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RSVP are among the most successful outbound sales centres in the UK. We were selected to transform their digital presence, with a refreshed branding and website. 

The main challenge of this project was to reflect the company's unique business model. RSVP is run and staffed by actors, who use their highly developed communication skills to achieve a high-quality service. Our objectives were:

  • Convey RSVP’s unique value proposition: they only employ actors, and can take a more strategic role by offering specialist sales consulting. 
  • Create visual design and photography that reflects the dynamism of their team, while retaining a professional approach for corporate clients.
  • Supported by these two objectives, the project’s KPIs were to raise the amount of relevant new business enquiries, and support their on-going recruitment.


From the outset, a visual-led design approach was chosen as the best way to express key messages about how RSVP’s team adds strategic value for clients in a charismatic way, in comparison with traditional contact centres.

We met RSVP’s unique requirements by extensively planning the end visuals during the strategy phase. Detailed sketches and annotations were incorporated into early prototypes. Instead of using stock images, we created bespoke, high-res photographic assets from these sketches. These would play a key role in the overall content strategy: not only enhancing the appeal of each page to RSVP’s target audience, but also achieving the project’s objectives.

We used Hoisin, our open-source responsive framework, to ensure the copy, navigation and rich media assets displayed at their absolute best for all users across modern browsing devices. We integrated the lightweight Silverstripe CMS, with a user-friendly interface to support their future, independent content management.


RSVP's new website has a striking art direction with original photography. It conveys the fun, energetic and social nature of their team, alongside their strategic professionalism in reaching out to clients’ prospects. With a fast, responsive design, the website displays at a consistent, high quality across all devices.

Since launch in March 2014, the much enhanced user experience and improved content strategy has encouraged a far higher level of engagement against the previous website. In the first six months, there was a 63.7% surge in web traffic; with a 19.4% increase in the amount of time users spend on the site, when comparing with the same time period before launch.


64% surge

in website traffic


19% increase

in time spent on website

Mark Abernethy

“Cyber-Duck were selected for their rare ability to combine technical excellence with artistic creativity. We’re delighted, and feel the website design really portrays our ethos.”

Mark Abernethy

Managing Director at RSVP

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