In less than 48 hours, 5 staff from Cyber Duck designed and built a fully functional Message Centre Errors Console, which enables website support staff to collate all error messages for multiple clients into one report. This was completed as part of QuackHack, a "hackathon" for UX and coding which Cyber Duck hosted on the weekend of 26th and 27th of May, 2012.

Team 1 were initially meant to design a Driving Licence Penalty Points App however, they realised they could create something more challenging and useful for the business.

The Opportunity

The team were brainstorming applications that would be useful for the business and concluded that one of the biggest gripes of maintaining SaaS platforms or a dynamic website, is that when a problem occurs (i.e. a database error) we receive multiple emails for every single time a user tries to access the website! As you can imagine, some of our client’s websites receive incredibly high volumes of traffic, meaning that if one error occurs then our email accounts become flooded with updates.

The Proposal

Produce a web app that would aggregate all the messages coming from our websites. A single email would be sent to the support team to notify them that an error has been found and subsequent messages would be filtered to the app. The app would then collate the messages into the form of a report which could be reviewed by the team. Updates can then be sent from the application at timed intervals.

The Solution

A console and API was delivered that aggregates internal error messages from H-Duck client web portals and SaaS into a RWD (Responsive Web Design) dashboard that not only visualises the data via infographics on a 55” LED TV but also works as mobile/tablet  web app and emails the team daily and weekly summaries. The team used HTML 5 Boilerplate, jQuery and SASS using Laravel PHP framework and Sublime Text 2.

QuackHack Team 1

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