A hackathon is a great way for people to get together at a social event and work together on software related projects. Cyber-Duck's very own hackathon ‘QuackHack’ is set to explode this weekend with beer, barbecue and a host of talented staff itching to get their technical and creative ideas flowing. We'll even be giving away prizes for the best projects - good times!

The Cyber-Duck QuackHack is all about promoting creative thought and learning from others in a team environment, drawing on their Scrum, Agile development and bleeding edge UX (User Experience) skills. Each group consists of programmers, designers and marketers who all have something unique and beneficial to contribute to their project. As there are so many people who wanted to get involved, we divided ourselves into three separate groups, each tasked with the responsibility of creating an exciting new application.

Cyber-Duck QuackHack Hackathon


Team 1: Driving Licence Penalty Points App

Team 1 are designing and developing a mobile application that enables you to track how many penalty points you have on your licence and when they expire. A perfect app for drivers.

Team 2: Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard

The business intelligence dashboard will present internal SaaS statistics from a number of sources such as CRM, social media, project management tools, Cloud based servers, timesheet applications and Google Analytics. The BI Dashboard will greatly help to improve internal communication.

Team 3: Kinect Gesture Based Interaction Gallery App

The final application is an image gallery that you can browse through and interact with using Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensing input device, using hand gestures. Could this be the future of interacting with technology?


Live Weekend broadcasting!

With the weather picking up this week, there couldn't be a better time to enjoy an outdoor barbecue and push the limits of team work with a goal of creating some awesome applications. What is even more exciting is that the team will be posting project progress live over the weekend on a brand new blog: QuackHack.

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