Over just two days 4 team members from Cyber-Duck designed and built the Kinect Gallery Application, which enables gallery visitors to scroll and navigate through artists' portfolios. This was achieved as part of the Quack Hack, a UX/coding Hackathon held in May 2012. 

The Opportunity

When exploring an art gallery, visitors are only able to see as many works of art as there is space for in the room. Some visual displays often have an automatic slideshow set up, meaning that visitors have no control in how long they view each piece. If there is any form of portfolio selection, say, on a touch screen the artist risks having the display smeared by finger prints.

The Proposal

Build a standalone app within 48 hours that allows visitors to navigate through artist portfolios (and different types of artists) using hand movements and gestures (based on Microsoft Kinect technology). This way the user is engaged in selecting the art they wish to see, whist standing in-front of a HD TV screen!

The Solution
We produced a relatively simple HTML/CSS application with  a ‘touchless’ user interface (using physical gestures) within 12 working hours (beating our estimation by 36 hours!). The team developed the Kinect HTML/CSS JavaScript app using a Microsoft Kinect device and the Kinesis.io SDK and JavaScript framework which was installed on a desktop PC.

QuackHack Team 1


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