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2021 will be momentous for Drupal. After the release of Drupal 9 earlier this year, the countdown to Drupal 8’s end-of-life has already begun - with the date set for next November.  

Already Cyber-Duck has begun preparing many of our clients for this change, and the changes to come.  

As Drupal begins to compress the timeframe between upgrades, having a good understanding of their developments and roadmap is essential.  

On December 3rd (4PM GMT) we ran a roundtable event on what you can expect from Drupal in 2021 and the years to come. Cyber-Duck's Sylvain Reiter (CSO) and Duncan Worrell (Technical Lead) were joined by Drupal experts Matt Glaman (Bluehorn Digital), Suzanne Dergacheva (Evolving Web) and Alejandro Moreno López (Acquia). 

You can read the full recap here.

Looking to upgrade to Drupal 9? Download our free Drupal 7 upgrade white paper to get started. 


Key Insights

  • Upgrading to Drupal 9 – Get yourself up to speed on the key dates and best practices when upgrading  
  • New Features – What new features from Drupal should get you excited  
  • The Drupal Roadmap – What does 9 tell us about the direction Drupal is shifting towards and how they will be implementing future upgrades  
  • Drupal in the Future – Drupal's vision for the future, Drupal 10 
  • Is Drupal the CMS of choice? – Does Drupal have the muscle to go against Gutenberg and the .NET options?