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How do we achieve good universal design and usability?

Web Accessibility Content Guidelines and policies such as the Equality Act 2010, American Disability Act and the forthcoming European Accessibility Act now help businesses to design digital products with inclusion and accessibility in mind. But often mere compliance is the main goal. Good universal design, however, requires us to go far further.

In this roundtable webinar, our panel of UX, accessibility and inclusive experts dived deeply into their diversity of digital experiences. Providing insight into their lived experiences, how their own disability impacts how they interact with digital technologies and helps solve accessible design challenges.

Guest panelists

  • Matt Gibson (Host) - Chief Production Officer at Cyber-Duck
  • Yahye Siyad – Diversity and Accessibility Lead at Cyber-Duck
  • Siobhan Daley – Visual and UI Designer at Cyber-Duck
  • Sandi Wassmer – Chief Executive Officer at Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion
  • Holly Schroeder – UX Researcher and Designer specialising in MedTech

Key Learnings

  • Experiencing disability in a digital world: Where technology is beneficial for disabled people vs the digital barriers that still need fixing

  • The user-centred approach to accessibility: Understanding individual user needs based on a spectrum of permanent, temporary and situational disabilities

  • What is good usability: The specificities of good universal design (from colour contrast and internal linking to language, fonts and video content)

  • Advocating for universal design: Challenging internal attitudes and assumptions towards accessibility and universal design, and improving your organisations knowledge and skills

  • Digital in physical environments: Can digital technologies improve accessibility challenges within physical environments?

As well as questions and involvement from you, the audience!

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