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The battle to encourage businesses to shift away from PDFs has been a long one. As many of us know, PDFs can often be problematic for users with accessibility needs and rarely comply with open standards: 

  • They’re not responsive 
  • They’re not designed to be read on-screen 
  • They can be difficult to navigate 
  • It’s tricky to change their colour schemes and text size, which some users with visual impairments need to do 
  • They’re harder to maintain, and so easily become out of date 

Change is going to take time, but it is important. 

Recently, the UK government updated its content design guidance for open formats. The update has underlined a commitment to open standards and clearly mandated GOV.UK publishers to provide accessible alternatives to PDFs. 

But is this guidance what’s best for web users with disabilities?  

We’ve been speaking to industry experts and users with disabilities to truly understand the best way to deliver accessible content online. We’ve gained fantastic insight, which we want to share with you on this webinar.  

Want to see if your PDF are accessible? Download out PDF Accessibility Checklist to get started. 


Key insights

  • Adopting an accessible mindsetWhy accessibility is not a bolt-on and is a way you think about content design and how you display information. 
  • Regulation and compliance: What you need to know about complying with Governments' regulations and guidance for online content. 
  • The PDF challengeWhy PDFs can still be of value, and when to use them. 
  • Applying accessibility to PDFsWhat steps you need to take to make your PDF content more widely accessible. 
  • Addressing changes in your CMSHow CMS platforms like Drupal are making content accessibility easier.  

Missed the webinar? Watch the highlights below and download the full on-demand webinar using the form.

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Danny Bluestone is the CEO of Cyber-Duck, a leading full-service digital agency. He founded Cyber-Duck in 2005, inspired by fusing creative, technical and marketing expertise into a superior user experience. Now the independent agency works internationally with prestigious brands, including the Bank of England, Cancer Research and Arsenal FC.

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