Did you know that 97% of top websites fail the test for ADA web accessibility? The findings, based on a study by WebAIM, detected significant failures by major businesses when it came to applying basic accessibility and inclusive design requirements to their websites.  

Often accessibility is treated as a ‘bolt-on’ and step in a checklist’ when it comes to websites and online content. Web designers and developers often fail to consider the needs of visitors with disabilities – consequently, building websites that fail to meet some of the most basic of accessibility guidelines and requirements. This means that millions of Internet users are unable to navigate through websites seamlessly, or properly access and consume content 

Businesses should be treating accessibility as an essential part of their website and digital strategy, not just because it’s the law, but because it’s the right thing to do. The principles and process of accessibility and inclusive design will not only improve the usability of a website for all potential users, but will provide better search results, reduced maintenance costs, and increased audience reach, among other benefits. 

Host Matt Gibson (Chief Production Officer at Cyber-Duck), was joined by leading industry experts on digital and web accessibility:  

  • Ramon Lapenta - Technical Lead at Cyber-Duck 
  • Debra Ruh - CEO & Founder of Ruh Global IMPACT 
  • Steve Green - Director at Test Partners 
  • Lori Di Bon Conyers - User Experience Evaluator at Royal National Institute of Blind People 
  • Mike Gifford - Senior Strategist at CivicActions.  

You can watch the Highlights here.

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Web Accessibility Roundtable Webinar