An award-winning CRM, tailored for the financial industry

Symble is a lean, intelligent CRM platform, built to cater for the specific needs of research analysts, investor relations, and professionals within the financial industry. The innovative, unique project won 'Best Tech' at the Wirehive 100 Awards.



Symble is an intelligent web-based application, tailored for the unique needs of the financial industry. Launched in 2010, we aimed to empower research analysts and stockbrokers by providing key brokerage data, imported from leading financial sources. 

Through detailed reporting, Symble can act as a total platform for financial analyst and broker firms. Clients can quickly digest and interpret a vast amount of critical data, and track interactions that follow the publication of new research reports. Symble benefits from a responsive web design, with the design and content tailored across a variety of screen sizes. 

Users can perform a variety of crucial tasks, from sending research to multiple address books; driving clients to a dedicated, branded portal; tracking consumption of research via dashboards and analytics; and tracking top performing clients and analysts. 


Our lean user-centred design approach has inspired a number of iterative improvements. After further ethnographic research, we launched Symble 3 in 2013. Aiming to white label the tool, we created a new back-end admin system for financial brokers. Each admin user could generate their own branded portal. Then, they would provide secure login information to their end-users (mainly fund managers), who could view the broker firm's intelligence, and interact with analysts.

The web app can provide a total solution for financial brokers: integrating data feeds from third party platforms, including Outlook, Bloomberg, and VOIP telephony. For this, we built an API back-end architecture, using a MongoDB database, the Laravel PHP framework, and the Node.js platform. 

Our intricate use of this technology was awarded the 'Best Tech' at the Wirehive 100 Awards, in 2013. Symble is being used commercially by a number of financial firms and banks in Egypt and the Middle East, publishing over 9,000 reports.


best tech winner

at the Wirehive 100 Awards


10,000+ end users

across the world


9,000+ reports

published by expert analysts

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