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Advancements in software development and technology have driven the emergence and growth of DevOps’ implementation across industries.

But businesses often rush the path towards DevOps without properly managing the change within their team. Gartner predicts that 75% of all DevOps initiatives will fail to meet expectations, due to legacy infrastructures and culture misalignment.

Many benefits come from adopting DevOps – from streamlining timely tasks to improving the stability of development and deployment. But you can only secure these through implementing the right strategy. Only that exercise can inspire your dev team towards success.

Hear from Cyber-Duck’s CTO Sylvain Reiter, Technical Director Gareth DrewProject Manager Indira Reyes, and our client Fitch Learning’s Matthew Munro to explore how you can successfully bring accelerated automated product development to your company via DevOps. Fitch Learning is a client of Cyber-Duck; they partner with businesses to deepen knowledge.


Key Insights

  1. Getting to know DevOps – your quick introduction into DevOps culture, process and methodology
  2. Building a DevOps team – how to create better synergy between your product, development, IT and operations teams
  3. Identifying the right tools – identifying the tools and software for your businesses to successfully run DevOps
  4. Managing a project – how you can successfully manage a DevOps project through each stage of the process
  5. Future-proofing your DevOps – ensuring that your DevOps strategy is built with the future in mind

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