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The Future of Content Strategy - Accessible, Personalised, and SEO-Friendly

The Future of Content Strategy - Accessible, Personalised, and SEO-Friendly webinar.

The Future of Content Strategy - Accessible, Personalised, and SEO-Friendly webinar. 

After an unpredictable 2020, many organisations and institutions will need to revise their digital ecosystem – exploring consolidation of websites, the benefits of personalisation, marketing automation and content accessibility 

One of the key mistakes organisations and institutions make when redeveloping their online presence is underestimating the need to conduct accurate UX research and content audits for their content strategy 

In this webinar, Cyber-Duck helped you to design a content strategy that connects with your entire audience base and reaps the benefits of SEO. 

Experts from Cyber-Duck, Zest Digital, Scroll and Test Partners shared their insights on consolidating your digital assets and designing a content strategy that strikes a chord with consumer habits, preferences, and search behaviour. 

Attendees learnt about: 

  • Audience and firmographic analysis: Defining the firmographic needs, identifying your ICPs and building personas from user habits, preferences, and search activity. 
  • Content fit for purpose: How to produce new digital content that meets the needs and demands of your target audience. 
  • Accessibility: How to ensure your website is intuitive and accessible to your entire target audience (i.e., meeting the needs of disabled users). 
  • Personalisation: Discover how to deliver personalisation at scale. 
  • SEO requirement: Designing a content strategy that aligns with the latest algorithm changes from Google.  
  • CMS platforms: Identifying if your CMS provides the tools and functionalities to meet your business needs. 
  • Content Migration: Managing how to migrate and consolidate content for large-scale websites. 

You can read our recap on the Future of Content Strategy webinar, and find the full presentation on SlideShare.

Missed the webinar? Watch the highlights below. Please get in contact for the full video.