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Using web application frameworks

At Cyber-Duck we utilise the best and latest MVC (model, view, controller) frameworks to help kick-start the process of your back-end web development. The benefit of using an open-source framework is that you have an excellent foundation to work from, where many standard processes are built-in, meaning your back-end is faster to develop and more reliable.

We are experts at developing using the following frameworks:

  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • Symfony

Why use open-source back-end frameworks?

Popular open-source frameworks are used by the best and most experienced developers worldwide who constantly contribute improvements and evaluate each other's code. This means we are always building from a stable, proven and impartially curated platform that only gets better with each update.

As a result, your back-end system is easier to maintain and support, as comprehensive documentation is widely available, many developers are already familiar with these frameworks and you have the backing of a fantastic support community.

We only work with frameworks that have are extendible making your system more flexible to future requirements and easier to implement new features and technologies.


Our experts can achieve high-quality technical solutions with a test driven development process.

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