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Enrique Worwa

Senior Developer

Technical Expertise

Enrique Headshot 2020

Enrique has extensive experience working and mentoring others in Agile environments with cross-functional teams of developers, product owners and projects managers.

His expertise as a backend developer is focused mainly on Drupal 8/7. He enjoys developing custom modules and themes (for both versions), and is an active member of the Drupal community. He's built his knowledge of Laravel 5 for the last few years, following TDD methodologies for building systems and implementing test suites with PHPUnit.

He also has extensive experience as a frontend developer, with deep knowledge of Jquery, Jquery UI, Bootstrap 4/3, Sass and Less. I have recently gained skills and I am keen user of VueJS. He has integrated individual VueJS components within different template engines and also built full SPA solutions.

when he's not coding, he enjoys deepening his business knowledge; he previously gained experience working on projects with digital agencies and health records in Venezuela. 





Pulp Fiction



TV Show

That 70s Show


Pasta al Pesto


Dark Beer


Caracas FC


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