Angelos Markou

Data Analyst at Cyber-Duck Ltd

Angelos translates complex wealths of data into plain English analysis, with insights that help prioritise business and user needs.  

Angelos Markou


As our Data Analyst, Angelos turns raw data into targeted information, then valuable insight that can inform key business and project decisions. He enjoys interpreting data and trends from complex data sets, analysing results using statistical techniques and providing ongoing reports.

Angelos discovered his passion for data during the Applied Informatics element of his Business Administration and Economics course at the Technological Education Institute of Western Macedonia. Combining his love for travel, he supplemented this with a Masters’ degree in Economics from the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao.

Previously, Angelos and his team rebuilt the structure and digital framework for a wholesale retail company in Greece. By digitising processes and delving into data, it became one of the most dominant firms in Western Macedonia. He enjoys bringing this blend of business and numerical insight to Cyber-Duck. 

  • Hometown - Thessalonki, Greece
  • Operating System - Mac
  • Phone - iOS
  • Favourite movie - The Matrix
  • Favourite music - Rock or metal
  • Favourite drink - Rum with coke and line
  • Favourite food - Pastitsio
  • Favourite sport/team - AC Milan
  • Favourite TV Show - House of Cards
Angelos is a keen Go player - even a member of the Greek Go Association!

i Angelos is a keen Go player - even a member of the Greek Go Association!

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