Benjamin Maugain

Head of Project Management at Cyber-Duck Ltd

Benjamin leads some of Cyber-Duck’s most technical, complex projects: he translates client needs and requirements into fully functional web solutions.

Benjamin Maugain

Technical Knowledge

Our Head of Project Management, Benjamin is responsible for leading the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of complex client projects and long-term retainers. He has a passionate track record for translating complex client requirements into high-quality digital solutions across scales, applying Agile methodologies as a certified ScrumMaster, or the waterfall approach. In 2016, he won the Wirehive 100 Techie of the Year. They said he's a "great multidisciplinarian, covering lots of complex projects. Plus, somehow still has time to push the industry forwards. Really impressive!". 

Benjamin joined Cyber-Duck from France over five years ago, and hasn’t looked back since: building countless secure, reliable websites and dynamic SaaS applications with us. He has more than 10 years of proven experience in web design and full stack development, including database design, CMS integration, front- and back-end development, preferring PHP5 frameworks like Laravel. Key clients include the European Commission, Arsenal FC and Eurofighter Typhoon. 

Benjamin builds long-term relationships with clients, leading the support retainers for our technical projects.

Mentoring & IOT

Sharing knowledge with the next generation of makers and coders is incredibly important to Benjamin. He invites children from local primary schools to the office for Code Club each term, enjoying sessions from HTML & CSS to Python.

Benjamin also manages our participation in Young Rewired State’s ‘Festival of Code’ every summer: aiming to nurture young people with the talent and drive to teach themselves digital skills. In 2013, Team Elstree won the ‘Code a Better Country’ category for – a website to bring community and local traders together.

In 2017, he was chosen to join the BIMA Hot 100 influential figures in the UK in the 'Devs and Makers' category. Benjamin has taught workshops at the BBC’s ‘Future is Now’ events, Mozilla Festival, and at the London College of Communication. His sessions are infused with an experimental passion for the Internet of Things: exploring animal robotics, connecting clocks to social updates, and more.

His Young Rewired State team won the ‘Code a Better Country’ category at the Festival of Code.


Benjamin is a bookworm, coffee lover, and samurai apprentice. Out of the office, he enjoys training in multiple martial arts, involving Japanese swords and other traditional weapons.

  • Years of service - 5
  • Hometown - Bar-le-duc, France
  • Operating System - Linux
  • Favourite movie - Lost Highway
  • Favourite music - Richard Wagner
  • Favourite drink - Aquavit and Coffee
  • Favourite sport/team - Kendo & Ice Hockey
  • Favourite TV Show - Twin Peaks
Benjamin interviewed after our workshop at Mozfest.

i Benjamin interviewed after our workshop at Mozfest.

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