Richard Dabin

UX / UI Designer at Cyber-Duck Ltd

Richard uses his experience in illustration and graphic design to create modern digital visuals with a user-centric focus.

Richard Dabin

Creative Expertise

Having worked for over a decade in the Digital Design field, Richard brings his wide experience to Cyber-Duck of creating interfaces with a keen, individual visual eye. He is fascinated with all aspects of the design process and is always absorbing new techniques and making sure he is up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

He focuses heavily on understanding the end user and takes a heavily user-centric stance when designing. This led to him joining Cyber-Duck after completing a course in User Experience Design at General Assembly in London.

His previous career and experience as an illustrator has allowed him to bring his creative skills to interface design and he loves being able to unleash his creativity and put his mind to problem solving. This has led to him working on a vast array of cross-platform projects, taking on a variety of specialised roles and learning many new skills along the way. 


Richard spends his free time indulging his geeky side, reading books and watching movies. He tries to balance it out by playing sports and going to the gym, but doesn’t always succeed. He’d love to be able to snowboard more often and is determined to learn Spanish when he can find the time.

  • Hometown - Feltham, London
  • Operating System - Mac
  • Phone - iOS
  • Favourite movie - Crank 2: High Voltage
  • Favourite music - Tame Impala
  • Favourite drink - Coke Zero
  • Favourite food - Pancakes
  • Favourite sport/team - Football - Tottenham
  • Favourite TV Show - Dark / The Americans
Richard spends most of his time falling over while snowboarding in France.

i Richard spends most of his time falling over while snowboarding in France.

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