Simone Todaro

Software Developer at Cyber-Duck Ltd

Simone works across technical projects, creating solutions that meet client expectations and ensure performance and reliability.

Simone Todaro

Technical Expertise

As our Back End Developer, Simone continuously works to improve existing solutions and develop fully testable products using the latest (and best!) technologies on the market. He is a full stack developer with more than seven years of experience in design, coding and testing websites (and applications). 

Simone originally studied for a BA in Computer Science at the University of Pisa, Italy. He is proficient in a range of different programming languages that include PHP, Java and Javascript. A flexible developer and quick learner, he’s used plenty of CMS and programming frameworks throughout his career. 

He joined Cyber-Duck after enhancing his technical skills in several digital agencies abroad. A strong supporter of open source technologies, Simone enjoys using Agile project management guidelines and the SOLID principles of programming. 

He enjoys supporting our Digital Pond event series, recently learning about 'Designing for the Mind' with speakers from SXSW 2016.


Simone is a multi-skilled musician – he can play the guitar, bass guitar and clarinet. Secretly, Simone would love to add the drums to his impressive musical roster… but he’s a bit concerned about how his neighbours might react!

  • Hometown - Piazza al Serchio, Lucca (Italy)
  • Operating System - Mac
  • Phone - Android
  • Favourite movie - Sin City
  • Favourite music - Alternative Rock
  • Favourite drink - Long Island Iced Tea
  • Favourite TV Show - Once Upon a Time
Simone is from the valley of Garfagnana - a hidden gem in the north of Tuscany, Italy.

i Simone is from the valley of Garfagnana - a hidden gem in the north of Tuscany, Italy.

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