Sylvana Sansone

HR Coordinator at Cyber-Duck Ltd

Sylvana discovers new ducks and works closely with our team: raising performance by taking care of training and conferences, while helping everyone enjoy staff benefits and fun days out.

Sylvana Sansone

Growing our team

Studying Human Resources and Labour Relations in sunny Barcelona, Sylvana has long been drawn to the unique challenges of HR. Building experience through working in recruitment and training for multinational sports wear and IT companies, she was ready for a new adventure in the UK, joining Cyber-Duck last year.

Sylvana is fascinated by the challenge of working closely with the Directors to find new ducks, with the right expertise and cultural fit for dynamic agencies like ours. With an international background, she is a classic ‘people person’ who enjoys applying her high organisational skills to looking after our multicultural team.

Her role with us is incredibly dynamic. Day-to-day, she co-ordinates everything from training opportunities and incentive provision, to planning fun social events and staff days out. Furthermore, Sylvana is committed to raising our HR standards by managing and improving how we execute our processes and policies. 


With a multicultural flare, Sylvana enjoys learning about different cultures. She's lived in four different countries and is fluent in three languages (Spanish, Italian and English). Out of the office, Sylvana indulges her passion for Latin music and dance.

  • Hometown - Maracaibo, Venezuela
  • Operating System - Mac
  • Phone - iOS
  • Favourite movie - As Good As It Gets
  • Favourite music - Latin music (salsa, region, merengue)
  • Favourite drink - Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Favourite food - Empanada and mandoca
  • Favourite sport/team - Tennis
  • Favourite TV Show - The Office (US)
Sylvana went along to watch the tennis at Wimbledon.

i Sylvana went along to watch the tennis at Wimbledon.

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