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Our proven experience developing Drupal websites and services means we can launch your next CMS-driven website, including those with complex technical integrations.

“Drupal is a robust and scalable enterprise platform that suits a broad range of projects. It allows developers to quickly build content blocks and implement a content-rich website utilising a wide variety of modules and easily integrate with numerous external tools via APIs.

Combined with tools like Acquia Lift and Acquia Journey, Drupal is the best platform to deliver engaging and personalised customer experiences.”

- Gareth Drew, Technical Director

Drupal Agency

If you’re seeking a professional Drupal agency in London and throughout the world, Cyber-Duck is ready to help. Our Drupal developers have the experience and scale needed to deliver secure and stable systems for your organisation. 

Drupal is one of the most powerful enterprise CMS platforms on the market. Its functionality, enterprise scale and the fact it’s open source mean it’s particularly suited to institutions and public sector clients. It’s a flexible Content Management System (CMS) framework that, when combined with the Acquia Lift setup, means you can segment audiences to drive personalised experiences. It can run multiple sites from a single admin, eCommerce platforms, and can run as a headless CMS for flexible data integration.

Drupal Developers

Our UX designers and Drupal development teams have years of experience building Drupal websites and applications for clients in the public, publishing and automotive sectors, among others. Our ISO 9241 user-centred design process enables our Drupal web design agency to deliver agile, accessible, device-agnostic solutions for your business. 

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Drupal for...


Drupal offers multiple ways to syndicate, import and export content. It ships with a built-in drag-and-drop editor, with modules for in-line editing and embedding third-party and social media content. The responsive, customisable editor interface is optimised for mobile, for editing on the go.


Drupal brings improved accessibility for both editors and end users, with required alt text, better contrast in out-of-the-box themes, a tabbing manager and aural alerts. Drupal 8 onwards have stronger semantics and rich functionality developed in alignment with WAI-ARIA guidance, plus improved forms, tables and hidden elements.

Drupal Upgrades

The latest versions of Drupal offer significant benefits over Drupal 7. If you’re looking for help with your Drupal replatforming from version 7 or earlier, we can help. Drupal 8 onwards offers improvements to:

  • Editing interface
    Drupal 8’s drag-and-drop content editor significantly enhances the editor experience and its mobile interface supports editing on the go. A new in-line content editor streamlines fast editing, while media embeds and responsive images support cross-platform, multimedia storytelling. The editing experience can also be extended with modules to build rich landing pages and display content in custom layouts.
  • Security
    Drupal 8 extends Drupal 7’s security features and its new templating engine, Twig, secures Drupal’s front end as standard (though any template engine can be implemented if needed).
  • Performance
    The BigPipe module, now in Drupal 8 core, offers page loading that in some case can be more than 200% swifter.
  • Functionality
    Drupal 8’s ramped-up DevOps functionality makes it easy to configure admin settings and to create and manage workflows, while its built-in drag-and-drop editor makes content creation a breeze.
  • Scalability
    Drupal’s new JSON:API makes it easier than ever to create mobile apps and more, and with multilingual modules now in the core, managing multilingual sites and interfaces has never been easier.

At Cyber-Duck, our Drupal developers are experienced at handling technically complex Drupal migrations. We recommend a phased approach that starts with a site audit, to ensure all your functionality and content is considered. Find out about upgrading to Drupal 8 and 9.

A Drupal migration is also a good time to assess your digital content strategy. We can help with content audits, information architecture and automated content migration for your new Drupal website. Get your free Drupal upgrade explainer.

Personalised Experiences

We can work with your team to develop personalised content blocks that engage users at the right time with the right call to action. We do this with Acquia Lift, a data collection tool that helps segment your audience by geo-location, persona or industry sector.

Real-time targeting and goal conversion tracking features mean you can monitor success. We’ll continue to optimise the backend performance throughout the entire Drupal development lifecycle.

Drupal CRM Integration

If you need to connect a CMS to your existing CRM for lead management, you’re in safe hands with Drupal. Drupal's extensive list of modules includes third-party connectors for apps like Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive. We can integrate and test two-way data exchanges with your new CRM during the Drupal website development phase of the project.

In the past, we have implemented complex subscription-based Drupal websites for clients, including a project where registered users were linked to Salesforce opportunities. Here, we used Drupal to automate the conversion process to automatically grant user access to content behind a paywall.

Drupal Hosting and Support

Once your new website has been designed and built, you’ll need to evolve it as part of your DevOps strategy. That will cover secure and stable hosting, repository management, pipeline management and any associated tools. We can help you set this up. We recommend using Acquia Cloud, an optimised platform for Drupal hosting with enterprise-grade security. 

We utilise continuous integration and deployment pipelines to deliver automated releases consistently to each application environment. The Acquia tools monitor the instance health, application logs and Drupal security patch status.



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