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Award winning animation

Animation is the ideal medium to portray complex messages or evoke user emotions and trigger a conversion within a short space of time. A concise presentation, enhanced by 2D/3D animation, audio and moving graphics, adds tremendous value to the user experience (UX) and the perception of your brand. Using HTML5, we deploy animations that communicate effectively across smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Cyber-Duck's creative team consist of in-house designers and animators that deliver slick and award winning animations.

Specialised motion graphics

Our animators follow an accredited ISO process of understanding the customer needs, starting with brainstorming, writing a script and low fidelity mock-ups. Once the higher-level concept is agreed, we move into designing mood boards using branding elements and/or creative inspiration. Once the look and feel is agreed, we design a storyboard, which is followed by producing the animation's keyframes.

Animation software and platforms

Once the client approves the keyframes, our team utilises industry leading animation software to create slick and professional animations whilst continually involving you in the process. We then use audio effects, voice over artists and music to enhance the animation. The final output is compressed so it loads and plays quickly on video streaming platforms.

Marketing Services

A holistic marketing strategy is a vital for effective digital engagement. Our experts have helped scores of clients refine this critical aspect of their business.

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