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PR management

Cyber-Duck offers marketing retainers to help you with creating and managing PR solutions that raise your brand profile, as well as generating interest around your products and services. Our PR specialists have close relationships with journalists across technology, finance, construction, fashion, travel, automotive, property, retirement, healthcare and other industries ensuring that exciting news get the maximum brand exposure.

Before we start any PR planning, we learn more about your business objectives and marketing requirements helping to identify the best angles for your campaign and the most relevant publications to target. As leading digital PR experts our in-house copywriters work with you to understand your story and compose the high quality, optimised content which leading media outlets want to publicise to their audience, all within the typically short timeframes. As a rule of thumb, the PR strategy and tactics should be factored within a larger marketing plan.

Using industry leading analytics, we monitor the levels of traffic that can be attributed to PR communications. This means we can measure the effectiveness of your PR and marketing campaigns, giving you an accurate indication of ROI (Return on Investment).

Forward-thinking PR services

A well thought out and planned PR campaign offers immediate editorial brand exposure as well as long-term sales benefits. Cyber-Duck can either act as your digital PR agency, undertaking wider marketing tasks, or help you to manage other PR consultants as part of an on-going marketing retainer. 

Marketing Services

A holistic marketing strategy is a vital for effective digital engagement. Our experts have helped scores of clients refine this critical aspect of their business.

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